2013 Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle - 2760


131 Hours
Polley Farm Service INC.
Dixie Chopper
Silver Eagle - 2760


Dealer Insights

27 hp Kawasaki, 60" cut, adjustable seat to operator weight, spring ride front casters, foldable roll bar, and Discharge block off. This is a very clean, low hour mower for the age.


In 2003, the Silver Eagle was originally designed as a residential mower. However it has proven to be an effective commercial machine. Many Commercial Cutters have found the perfect compromise between compact size and great productivity in the Silver Eagle series from Dixie Chopper.

  • The Silver Eagle line of mowers utilize a conventional pump and wheel motor combination. Proven Hydro-Gear® pumps and Parker® wheel motors are standard on Silver Eagle models. This drive system is backed with a 5 year/3000 hour warranty.
  • X-Blade: Dixie Chopper's patented X-Blade comes factory standard on the Silver Eagle series. When mulching is desired, adding a Twist Blade to the existing X-Blade increases the mulching effect for finer clippings.
  • OCDC: Dixie Chopper's patented OCDC (Operator Controlled Discharge Chute) allows the operator to manually open and close the discharge chute to prevent clippings and other objects from being thrown from the deck.
  • Control Panel: Total control at your finger tips. The control panel houses the throttle, key ignition, choke, PTO switch to engage the deck, and the multi-functioning tachometer.
  • Manufacturer: Generac®
  • Horsepower: 27 hp at 3750 rpm
  • Displacement: 762cc
  • Crankshaft: Vertical Shaft
  • Oil System: Gear-Driven
  • Oil Safety Features: Low oil warning horn (98 db)
  • Air Cleaner: Dual Stage Donaldson
  • Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Battery: 12 Volt, 300 cca
  • Charging System: 20 Amp Alternator
  • Presence Control: Seat Switch Safety Shut-off
  • Hour Meter: Digital, Tachometer, Voltmeter, Service Alerts
Fuel System
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Fuel Capacity: 8 Gallon
  • Fuel Valve: 3 Position/Shut-off
Drive System
  • Transaxle: Hydro-Gear® 12 Series
  • Wheel Motors: Parker® 240 Series
  • Directional Control: Independent Steering Levers
  • Blade Engagement: PTO Switch
  • Deck Height Adjustments: Manual Lift, 1/4 in. Increments
  • Ignition: Key Switch
  • Throttle/Choke: Standard
  • Deck Deflector: OCDC - Operator Controlled Discharge Chute
  • Parking Brake: Standard - Automotive Style
  • Frame: Welded 2x2 Tube, 7 ga Formed
  • Fenders: Stainless Steel
  • Floor-pan: Flip-up, Steel with Rubber Mat
  • Seat: Standard Seat with Armrest
  • Engine Guard: Standard
  • Springer Forks: Optional
  • Towing Capacity: 500 lb. (with optional hitch)
Mower Deck
  • Deck Size: 60 in.
  • Construction: 10 ga (.179 in.) Formed & Welded
  • Top Plate: 7 ga Bolted (Not Welded)
  • Blades: 3 - 20.5 in. Blades
  • Tip Speed (approximate): 18,113 fpm
  • Spindle Housings: 1 pc. Keyless Sealed Cast Iron
  • Spindles: 1.25 in. Effective Diameter Machined Shaft
  • Anti-Scalp Rollers: Standard
  • Pulleys: Vented Split 3/16 in. Steel Deep Groove
  • Electric Deck Lift: Optional
  • Deck Quick Lift: Standard
  • Front Tires: 24 x 12-12 Turf Master Tubeless 4 ply
  • Rear Tires: 13 x 6.5-6 Tubeless 4 ply
Dimensions & Performance (Approximate)
  • Acres/Hour: 5.3 Acres Per Hour
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 in. to 5 in.
  • Overall Height (rollbar up): 73 in.
  • Overall Height (rollbar down): 48 in.
  • Overall Width: 65 in.
  • Overall Length (with rollbar up): 74 in.
  • Overall Length (with rollbar down): 94 in.
  • Overall Weight: 1215 lb.
Available Accessories
  • Sun Shade: Available in soft and hard top versions in black or white.
  • A/T Style Wheel Covers: These attractive and inexpensive wheel covers are made of durable plastic and simply snap into place. Available in chrome, black, and black chrome.
  • XT3 Collection System: 15 cubic feet (12 Bushel); compatible with 2012 and newer Classic and XCaliber models. Silver Eagle, 72", and 74" models available with pony motor only.
  • Suspension Seat: Keep your ride smooth with a fully adjustable suspension seat with lumbar support. Fits most models; check with your Dixie Chopper dealer for compatibility. Part number 400321. Note: suspension seat is not compatible with Zee 2 models.
  • Springer Forks: A smoother, gentler ride is assured with a springer fork option. Check with your nearest Dixie Chopper dealer for model availability. Part Number 100200-K (13" tire, set of 2); 100210-K (15" tire, set of 2).
  • "Run Flat" Tire: Keep mowing even with a flat tire. Available in 13 x 6½ x 6 (part number 400130) and 15 x 6 x 6 (part number 400129).
  • Electric Deck Lift System: Make mowing height adjustments easily with an electronic deck lift. Available on most Dixie Chopper models; check with your Dixie Chopper dealer to verify compatibility. Not available for Zee series mowers.
  • Magic Mulcher: Enhances mulching capability and helps keep the underside of deck clean. Part number 30302. Not available for Zee series mowers.
  • Operator Controlled Discharge Chute (OCDC): Patented technology allows operator to manually open and close the discharge side of the deck from the seat for enhanced safety. Prevents most objects from being thrown by the blades and keeps clippings from being strewn over flowerbeds and mulched areas. Available for Magnum 44" (Part number 300532 & 300533), 50" (part number 300499), and 60" (part number 300500). Check with your Dixie Chopper dealer for model compatibility. Standard on Classic, Silver Eagle, and Xcaliber models.
  • X-Blade Technology: X-Blade technology is the newest blade advancement in the industry, brought to you by the R&D Team at Dixie Chopper. Our blade technology helps create better manicured cuts. The Twist Blade works only with the X-Blade and is designed to function extremely well in high moisture mulching (not compatible with Zee models and 34" Silver Eagle).
  • Easy Reach: Pick up trash and other objects without leaving the seat of your mower. Comes with holster and litter bag. Kit Part number 902722. May be purchased separately; Easy Reach (part number 900001) and holster (900002)
  • Silver Eagle Rear Hitch: Turn your Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle into an all-around workhorse with an easy-to-mount rear hitch. Part number 100043.
  • Turf Boss Tire: The patented Turf Boss tire design gives your Dixie Chopper Sliver Eagle, Classic, or Xcaliber superior traction and ground-holding capability (standard on Classic and XCaliber models). Available for 44", 50", and 60" mowers. Part numbers 400258 (R) and 400259 (L).
  • Zebra Striping Kit: The Zebra Striping Kit enhances the striping quality of your Dixie Chopper. Available for most models. Available for Silver Eagle, Classic, and Xcaliber models; see your Dixie Chopper dealer to verify compatibility.
Acres per hour is calculated on 80% operator accuracy and mowing conditions with an optimum cutting height of 2.5 to 4.5 inches.



Engine Manufacturer
Horse Power
27 hp
762 cc


Hydro-Gear® 12 Series; Wheel Motors: Parker® 240 Series
Wheel Size
Front: 24 x 12-12 Turf Master Tubeless 4 ply; Rear: 13 x 6.5-6 Tubeless 4 ply
Fuel Capacity
8 gal.


Deck Size
60 in.
Discharge Type
Side; Optional: Mulch, Collect